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SÜRÜM CONFECTIONER was founded in Konya in 1926 by SILLELI KURDOGLU HACI ISMAIL EFFENDI. Our company, which operates as both a manufacturing and retail store at its headquarters by Hacı Ismail Effendi and his sons, has become a brand in the region in terms of Turkish delight and confectionery production and sales. They have always been the manufacturer of the first candy wrapped in paper and the first and only biscuit in Central Anatolia with their efforts to produce innovations. Biscuits manufactured in semi-automatic machines and baking ovens are still talked about by people called living history. In addition to the assortments of Turkish delight manufactured, they have succeeded to become the leading confectioner in Konya and the region by serving the local community with rose-flavored, Bebek almond paste (marzipan), and fruit-flavored fondant candies in different styles.

Sürüm confectioner, which has always grown without deviating from its vision with the contributions of its third-generation family members, aims to reach more customers by increasing the number of its stores, as in the growing and developing world, and to offer its consumers the freshest varieties of Quality Chocolate, Candy, Turkish Delight, and Dried Nuts and Fruits with the contributions of the fourth generation family member. In this sense, it has especially become a corporate solution partner to the growing and developing industrial sector in Konya, and for this purpose, it has put the largest retail store in Konya and Central Anatolia into operation in the Büsan Organized Industrial Zone in 2018. We continue to be the sweetest form of Love with the aroma and flavor of Boutique and Special Chocolate Assortments.

While the SÜRÜM Brand is currently taking firm steps towards its 100th year, with the joint work of the fourth generation and the fifth generation, since its foundation year is 1926,   it aimed to present its high quality and always fresh products to every corner of Turkey, our developing and growing country, with the SÜRÜM 1926 Brand and many sub-production brands, in new generation packaging without losing its aroma and taste. Therefore, it has established an e-commerce site in the direction of the requirements of the digital era in 2020 and has started to serve its customers, who have the biggest share of our company in coming these days, through e-commerce without deviating from its vision.

It takes pride in continuing with the same quality and care from production to presentation to customers with the SÜRÜM 1926 Brand, which has been expanding its vision each passing day with the slogan of unchanging tastes for 100 years. We hope that this tradition, which appeals to the taste buds of people, will reach future generations…. GOOD APPETITE


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